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Gift of Spanish Box

I strongly endorse the Let's Play in Spanish learning system for all children ages 2-7, when their brains are most impressionable and plastic. - Dr. William Hammil M.D., a board certified neurologist and child psychiatrist
My son asks for Susy Dorn's DVD every day since receiving it. - Review
Both my kids get up and dance when they see this. Review
the perfect combination of education and entertainment - Laurie P., Children's Librarian Mountain View Public Library California
Best DVDs for learning Spanish. - Review
Susy Dorn has captivated the heart of the little ones and grown-ups with her music. - Latino Life Magazine
Children are learning Spanish faster than their parents ever dreamed, AND they're having a blast doing it. -Bay Area Parent Magazine
among the highest quality materials for home learning on the market. - Stacy W., Former High School Spanish Teacher
Let's Play in Spanish Home Learning Program, is fun, educational and has won numerous childrens awards for Best Children's Products - Dr. Toy