Sal y Pimienta DVD

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Sal y Pimienta Sing-Along DVD (from Level 2)
"Sal y Pimienta" or "Salt and Pepper" is an entertaining and dynamic Spanish immersion DVD. Education, music, and fun are the words that describe this colorful video presented by Susy Dorn, educator and composer. Susy has been teaching Spanish Immersion for many years to thousands of children in Peru and the US through puppets, songs and drama. She possesses a unique and entertaining way of imparting her knowledge to children.
With upbeat songs, creative and original rhymes as well as the usual charisma that educator and composer Susy Dorn has with children, "Sal y Pimienta" DVD will give your child the gift of learning through fun and music. In this DVD, children will learn about good habits, vegetables, animals of the sea, insects, what animals eat, emotions, and more!

List of Songs:
1. Sal y Pimienta
2. ¿Qué Comen los Animales?
3. Las Emociones
4. Animales Tocan Instrumentos (Rima)
5. El Reloj
6. Los Animales del Mar
7. Buenos Hábitos
8. Animales Miran Objetos (Rima)
9. La Casa Loca
10. Los Vegetales
11. Mi Amiga Pancha
12. Cuatro Palabras Mágicas
13. Pelotas
14. La Naturaleza
15. Los Sonidos de los Animales
16. La Mano y los Dedos
17. Los Utiles Escolares
18. Los Insectos
19. El Espacio
20. Cantemos en Español

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