Cantemos en Español DVD

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Cantemos en Español Sing-Along DVD (from Level 1)
¡Cantemos en Español! or "Let's Sing In Spanish" is an entertaining and dynamic Spanish immersion DVD. Education, music, and fun are the words that describe this colorful video presented by Susy Dorn, educator and composer. Susy has been teaching Spanish Immersion for many years to thousands of children in Peru and the US through puppets, songs and drama. She possesses a unique and entertaining way of imparting her knowledge to children.
In this sing-along DVD, children will learn foundations of the Spanish language. Themes covered include the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, months, and much more! They will learn the fundamentals in no time as they memorize scenes containing animations, puppets, fun, music and Teacher Susy's magical charisma.

List of Songs:
1. Las Frutas
2. Los Números
3. Los Colores
4. Las Formas
5. Los Días de la Semana
6. Las Vocales
7. El Alfabeto
8. Las Partes del Cuerpo
9. Los Meses del Año
10. Las Estaciones
11. La Ropa
12. Los Animales de la Granja
13. Los Servidores de la Comunidad
14. El Oso
15. Los Animales Salvajes
16. Las Heramientas
17. ¿Dónde Viven?
18. ¡Vamos de Paseo!
19. Los Instrumentos
20. Los Dinosaurios

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