The Gift of Spanish Learning Set

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The Gift of Spanish Level 1 & 2
The Gift of Spanish Level 1 and Level 2 is a complete Spanish language learning program for children ages 2-7. From just this set, your child will gain exposure to 2,500 common Spanish vocabulary words and phrases, a strong familiarity with at least 500 words, a grasp of important pre-school concepts, an interest in learning and communicating in Spanish, and enthusiasm for wider language learning!

This 2-Level Set Includes...
2 Sing-Along DVDs
4 Conversational DVDs
2 Musical CDs
2 Illustrated Song Books with complete lyrics and English translation
2 Coloring Books
A Parents Guide
Tucán Finger Puppet

Parents choose The Gift of Spanish because it is the only program that is...
- Laugh-out-loud funny and fun for kids
- Music-based: Songs both kids and parents love
- Multisensory: reinforces concepts with Visual Learning (DVDs and books), Auditory Learning (CDs and DVDs), and Kinesthetic Learning (coloring books, dancing, and acting with puppets)
- Features a live native speaker (not a cartoon)--extremely useful for pronunciation
- Teaches families simple methods of incorporating Spanish into daily life
- Teaches foundational early school learning including: counting, alphabet, shapes, telling time, hygiene habits, planets, etc.

The Gift of Spanish is comprised of two Levels:
Cantemos en Español (Level 1) introduces children to basic Spanish vocabulary including the alphabet, numbers, colors, body parts, fruit, shapes, vowels, months, seasons, clothes, actions, days of the week, animals, tools, instruments, dinosaurs. Sal y Pimienta (Level 2) reinforces lessons from Volume I and teaches foods, emotions, telling time, household objects, good habits, sports, at the beach, vegetables, more animals, nature, school, and "magic words" (like please and thank you).