Sal y Pimienta Conversations with Tucán Part 1 & 2

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Sal y Pimienta Conversations with Tucán Part 1 & Part 2 (from Level 2)
"Conversations with Tucán" is designed to further enhance your child's grasp of the Spanish material. These DVDs take the themes to another level by using key words from each theme/song in conversations with Tucán, the puppet. There are also animated flashcards for each theme's vocabulary words to assist children in the learning process.
Susy and Tucán are full of jokes and shenanigans that will make your children laugh and have a blast while learning phrases in Spanish!

List of Songs:
1. Sal y Pimienta
2. ¿Qué comen los Animales?
3. Las Emociones
4. Animales Tocan Instrumentos (Rima)
5. El Reloj
6. Los Animales del Mar
7. Buenos Hábitos
8. Animales Miran Objetos (Rima)
9. La Casa Loca
10. Los Vegetales
11. Mi Amiga Pancha
12. Cuatro Palabras Mágicas
13. Pelotas
14. La Naturaleza
15. Los Sonidos de los Animales
16. La Mano y los Dedos
17. Los Utiles Escolares
18. Los Insectos
19. El Espacio
20. Cantemos en Español

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